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There are many technological achievements my generation had the opportunity to experience first. Decades have passed since man made his first trip to the moon. Material possessions such as a television sets, that too a coloured ones, are now common in almost every household.

That is why we, members of Generation Y, pride ourselves in being true pioneers of the internet. For some, such as myself, this introduction to the world wide werb would change our lives forever.

Though my first brush with the internet came in 1995/96 it wasn't until 1998, when I joined Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), that I better understood the internet and what it had to offer. My first foray into developing a website came around the same time. Not knowing anything about coding or web design I used Microsoft Frontpage to develop a website for a newsletter my friends and I used to run. Boy was that a disaster!!!!

Unknown to me then, this experience crafted my guiding principles:

Knowledge is half the battle won
With little to no knowledge of web design and development I ventured into developing my first website. I encountered many, many issues during the development process. Had I taken time to understand the technology, processes and available options I would have overcome, or perhaps never even encountered, many of the obstacles I eventually faced. 

Preparation is key to success
We all know where we'd like to go. Very few of us actually prepare for what's ahead. By nature I have always been a hands on person. Sitting down to brainstorm ideas, form strategies and outline a long term plan may seem tedious and boring but in fact the are critical to the success of any idea.

Never discount quality
It's one thing to be thrifty but it's another to make decisions based solely on cost. The difference is quality is allows businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors. Had I understood that then I would've engaged the services of a professional who would lend his/her expertise to the development of the site.

In 2010, after nearly half-a-decade working in the information technology industry, I decided to venture out on my own and start Sarhan.sg. The principles which have guided me throughout my career form the credo of Sarhan.sg.

Speak with me if you're looking at successfully establishing a web presence for your business or marketing its products and services online.

Sarhan Rashid
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