Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising is an online advertising program that allows an advertiser to pay only for each time a consumer clicks on the advertisement. This in turn directs that user to the advertisers’ website. Pay Per Click is useful to businesses because advertisers are only paying for advertising that brings them potential clients.

Besides SEO, another form of highly successful and fastest growing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tool is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). It is an advertising technique used on advertising networks, websites and search engines. Affordability and effectiveness are the beneficial characteristics of PPC campaigns that result in its successful growth in this area of SEM. 

The internet has certainly opened up many new opportunities for advertising avenues.The traditional method of advertising in television, newspapers, radio and magazines is taking a back seat. These forms of advertisements are costly and offer low advertising mileage for advertisers. Besides, the traditional advertising methods are mainly mass market and non-targeted, and it is almost impossible to track or calculate the number of viewers or prospects derive from the advertisements.

Google Adwords, the most popular PPC program on the internet, offer content-based advertising and deliver targeted audience to advertisers. It is sometimes referred to as performance-based marketing as advertisers paid only when viewers click and read their advertisements. Besides affordability, Google Adwords offers detailed tracking and analysis of the visitors to your site, their behaviour, the number of hits of your advertisements, the clickthrough rate, as well as the conversion rate into sales. 

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