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Starting from the 2nd of May 2013, SGNIC (Singapore Network Information Centre) will implement the "VerifiedID@SG" pilot scheme for all new Singapore domain name registrations (i.e. domain names ending with ".sg"). This has been implemented to help improve the trust of .sg domain names by preventing identity theft used when registering .sg domains.

Things to Note:

  1. This does not affect existing .sg domain names and their registrants. It is only applicable for domain names registered from the 2nd of May 2013 onwards. 
  2. Individuals and companies wanting to register Singapore domain names (e.g., .sg,, will need to appoint an "administrative contact". The administrative contact will help register the domain via the registra of the registrants choice.
  3. Upon successful registration and activation of the .sg domain name the administrative contact person will need to verify the registration at the VerifiedID@SG portal (active from 2nd May 2013).
  4. Verification of the .sg domain name has to be done within 21 calendar days from date of registration.
  5. Failing to verify the .sg domain name will result in suspension of the registered domain name.

Singapore Domain Registration .SG SGNIC VerifiedID@SG Web Design

What this means for you and your business?

Most of our clients we meet prefer us to help register and manage their domains. Some prefer it out of convenience while others are not familiar with the process. Before registering a Singapore domain name please check availability of your preferred domain at SGNIC's website. Should the domain be available you may choose to register it on your own or assign a vendor, such as Sarhan.SG, to register it on your behalf. In the case of the former you will need to verify the registration. However, should you assign a vendor they will help with the verification process.

For new customers who sign up for our Singapore web design promotion packages we have included Singapore domain registration. Please check availability of your preferred domain or let us know and we will check on your behalf.

Do you have any questions regarding Singapore domain registration changes? Give us a call at +65 6648 6484 or Let's Talk!


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