Man of Steel [2013] Trailer #3

UPDATE: I won't front. My first reaction to the Man of Steel trailer was disappointment. For several reasons but namely because a lot of the footage they showed was what I'd already seen.

When I was a kid watching the Christopher Reeve movies I truly believed a man could fly. Sure looking back a lot of the flight sequences look very poor but some, like his take-off from the Daily Planet roof after having rescued Lois Lane (Margot Kidder), still look good. There are some flight scenes here which just don't work for me.

Case in point:

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

When the reliance on CGI is limited it looks fine.

Small matter yet but I find such things very distracting onscreen.

What I do like very much is Kevin Costners performance as Jonathan "Pa" Kent. His delivery of that one line ("You are my son") just gives me goosebumps.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

For the most part the cast looks fantastic. For those who felt redhead Amy Adams looked out of place as Lois Lane you'll be pleasantly surprised. No disrespect to past actresses who have played the part but the role as written by David S. Goyer really seems to place Lois as investigative journalist looking to uncover Clark's secrets. Her little exchange with blue boy scout towards the end - priceless.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

Michael Shannon looks to do just fine as Zod. No trace of Terence Stamps famous potrayal of the Kryptonian war criminal here which is just the way I like it. Lex Luthor might not play a significant part in the story but I like that they included Lex Corp as an easter egg for fans.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

And that rumour about Jimmy Olsen being replaced by a female truly intrigues me. Yes, it's unnecessary meddling with a character who has historically been written as a male but this could mean there's more to it.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

I also like how all the trailers have not revealed Metropolis Clark Kent. You know the Clark Kent after he takes on the role of reporter at the Daily Planet. If you've seen the Comic Con footage from last year as well as the set footage shot by fans you probably have guessed how that plays out.

What I am worried about is that this too will fall into the cliche "blue beam of destruction" climax we've seen in movies such as Transformers 3 and The Avengers. That's a really boring story convention which I hope they'll avoid or at least try to do something interesting with.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

With Christopher Nolan producing I hope he can steer this away from routine Summer blockbuster territory and make it something truly special.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 April Trailer Reaction

Warner Bros is finally revving up the marketing of Man of Steel, their 2013 reboot of Superman. Last weekend saw the start of the viral campaign with cryptic messages appearing on the Deep Space Radio Wave Project. Fans scrambled to decode the message which turned out to be a very Yoda'ish "You Alone Are Not" message sent from space.

I've never been a fan of viral marketing campaigns for movies. Yes, they can be fun but at times the pay off just isn't worth the time. Still, I think no such campaign has come close to the one for The Dark Knight [2008]. 

All this finally led to a admittedly cool static transmission from Kryptonian General Zod (played by Michael Shannon of Broadwalk Empire) threating the people of Earth to give up Kal-El within 24 hours or face the consequences (see below).

Oddly though the video explicitly mentions 24 hours the real reveal came 48 hours later. Yeah, go figure. All the hoop jumping finally leads us to the latest trailer for Man of Steel. Your thoughts?

Check out this cool vintage style fan made Man of Steel poster by @Houzerart.

Singapore Man of Steel 2013 Fan Made Vintage Poster by HouzerArt

Man of Steel releases in Singapore cinemas on the 13th of June 2013.

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