B.I.G. over Premier presented by DJ Finesse

It's known fact that The Notorious B.I.G. and DJ Premier have made classics each time they've worked together. Had it not been for label politics as well as the legendary emcees unfortunate death they probably would've made more.

B.I.G. over Premier, the mixtape by DJ Finesse, assembles together verses from the legendary Brooklyn emcee over the revered New York producers beats. Definitely worth the listen.

B.I.G. over Premier mixtape 2013 presented by DJ Finesse

B.I.G. over Premier Presented by DJ Finesse Tracklist

1. DJ Premier Intro
2. Flava In Ya Ear Remix (over I Gave You Power)
3. Big Poppa (over Ex To Next Girl)
4. Dead Wrong (over 2 Thousand)
5. 10 Crack Commandments (over One Day)
6. Who Shot Ya (over Come Clean)
7. All About The Benjamins (over Supa Dupa Star) (1994 Demo Version)
8. One More Chance (over Recognize)
9. Long Kiss Goodnight (over You Know My Steez)
10. Things Done Changed (over The Format)
11. I Got A Story To Tell (over sh-t Is Real)
12. Real Niggas (over Ready)
13. Juicy (over Nas Is Like)
14. One More Chance Remix (over Freaky Flow)
15. Warning (Freestyle) (over Mind Ya Business)
16. ’95 Freestyle (7 Mac 11's) (over Who Got Gunz)
17. Victory (over Project Boy)
18. Kick In The Door (over Come Get Me)
19. Going Back To Cali (over The Invincible)
20. Mo Money Mo Problems (over Golden Child)
21. Party And Bullsh-t (over Now Your Mine)
22. Unbelievable

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