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19 March 2013, Tuesday

Welcome to our little spot on the internet. We're guessing you're already seated, so sit back and enjoy our little presentation made just for you. To celebrate our third year anniversary we have a host of promotions, video series and lots more coming your way. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or join our...

12 Jun 2013, Wed

Can the Nolan-Goyer team, which brought us the Dark Knight saga, help resurrect Superman's box-office prospects? Is Zack Snyder the right director to help the franchise take flight? Find out what we thought in this review of Man of Steel.

22 May 2013, Wed

The Fast & Furious crew return for another outing. Does the addition of cast members and a change of locations add anything new to the franchise? 

8 May 2013, Wed

J.J. Abrams returns to the Star Trek universe he helped relaunch with 2009. Does the prolonged hiatus hurt or help it? Find out in our review of Star Trek into Darkness. 

25 Apr 2013, Thu

Robert Downey Jr. returns to the role which helped reintroduce him to audiences. Joining him behind the camera is prolific 80's screenwriter Shane Black who also directed him in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang". Are the duo able to repeat the magic?